Financing FAQ

How do I qualify?
If you have an active bank account for the last 90 days and are currently employed, our automated system can approve you in seconds. If the system needs more information, an underwriter will be in contact with you with the additional information needed. Examples of additional items we could request include a pay stub, driver’s license, check from an active checking account, an extended bank history or a proof of income.

When will my first payment be due?
The first payment will be due no sooner than ten (10) and no later than forty-five (45) calendar days from the date on the signed Lease Agreement document. Contact Crest Financial within two(2) days after signing your Lease Agreement document to make sure that payment dates are scheduled when it is convenient for you. Customers can manage their account at their own convenience through the Customer Portal.

Can I build good credit with Crest Financial?
You can build good credit with Crest Financial! Customers who make payments on-time can increase their credit score as we report payments to the credit bureau Equifax (except in CA and AZ). If a customer fails to make on-time payments, Equifax may also be notified which can have a negative effect on the customer’s credit report.

What is the Duration of the Lease?
The most common lease terms are for 12 months. Exceptions may apply. So please check the Lease Agreement for actual term details. The customer is always welcome to end the agreement early by paying the total balance of the lease early or by taking advantage of one of the early buyout options offered by Crest Financial.

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